The Celestial Tributes

The Celestial Tributes deal primarily with the constellations and their namesake Spirits in charge of their care.

The constellations revolve around a point in the northern sky known as the pole star. Because of its far north location, the constellations are seen rising in the east and setting in the west. Only those closest to the pole star, specifically Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (a.k.a. the Bears), and Draco (a.k.a. the Dragon) - appear to travel  in an never-ending circle around the pole star.

Not all of the constellations are visible in the night sky throughout the year. The first appearance of a given constellation in the sky, occurs on the eastern horizon just prior to dawn. As the months progress, it is seen to rise earlier and earlier in the night, and gradually assumes a higher position in the heavens prior to dawn. Eventually, it will reach the western horizon then dissappear from view altogether.

To the ancients, the most important risings were those of the twelve constellations of the zodiac. They were believed to rule the heavens until, prior to dawn, their position on the eastern horizon was replaced by the rising Sun. For example, Gemini first rises above the eastern horizon in late May, appearing in the sky just prior to dawn, where its position is immediately replaced by the rising sun. Then, in June, as Gemini has risen earlier and earlier each night, its position on the solar horizon at dawn is eventually replaced by the next zodiacal constellation, Cancer.

As part of the heavenly dome always lay beneath the horizon, the ancients believed the constellations were deep beneath the earth in the misty pit of Tartaras or in the lands of the dead. When they again began to rise into the heavens, it was believed that they were first bathed in the purifying waters of the great earth-encircling river known as Okeano.

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