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Grecian gods
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-A- Grecian Pantheon

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Grecian Pantheon Index Page

  • Aglaia
  • Aglauros
  • Aglaurus
  • Agon
  • Agraulos
  • Agreus
  • Agrius (1)
  • Agrius (2)
  • Agros
  • Agrotara
  • Aiakos
  • Aigle
  • Aiolos
  • Air
  • Aither
  • Akeso - Latin Aceso - (Female) Goddess of the act of healing and curing. She was the daughter of Asklepios, the "Father of Medicine," and Epione. Her sisters were Hygeia, Panakeia and Iaso.

  • Akheloides - Latin Acheloides - (Female) Fresh-water Naiad Nymphs and minor deities. Nymphs of the River Akheloios in Aitolia.
  • Akheloios - Latin Achelous - (Male) A River-God of Aitolia in central Greece. Son of Okeanos and Tethys.
  • AkheronLatin Acheron - (Male) Acheron had been a son of Helios and Gaea or Demeter, and was changed into the river bearing his name in the lower world, because he had refreshed the Titans with drink during their contest with Zeus. Acheron translates as the "river of woe" and it was believed to be a branch of the underworld river Styx.
  • AkhilleusLatin Achilles (Male) Mortal and the great Phthian hero of the Trojan War. The son of Peleus, king of the Myrmidones in Phthiotis, in Thessaly, and of the Nereid Thetis. His mother, Thetis, foretold him that his fate was either to gain glory and die early, or to live a long but inglorious life. The hero chose the latter, and took part in the Trojan war, from which he knew that he was not to return.
  • AkhlysLatin Achlys - (Female) Spirit (daimon) of the death-mist or the clouding over of the eyes that precedes death. She may also have been the goddess of poisons. according to some ancient cosmogonies, she was the eternal night, and the first being created to exist even before Chaos. She was the personification of misery and sadness. She was represented on the shield of Heracles as pale, emaciated, and weeping, with chattering teeth, swollen knees, long nails on her fingers, bloody cheeks, and her shoulders thickly covered with dust.
  • Alala
  • Alastor
  • Alce
  • Alcemana
  • Alcides
  • Alcmena
  • Alcmene
  • Alcon
  • Alcyone
  • Alcyoneus
  • Alcyonides

  • Alecto
  • Alectrona
  • Aletheia
  • Alexandra
  • Alexiares
  • Alexiroe
  • Algea
  • Aloadae
  • Alopex Teumessios (a.k.a. Teumessian Fox)
  • Alpheius
  • Alpheos
  • Alpheus
  • Alpus
  • Alseides
  • Amalthea
  • Amaltheia

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